SkyVac Internal 78 With High Suction Pole Set - Upto 40ft - 240v

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The Internal 78, with its choice of Telescopic, Push-fit, or the NEW Elevate Clamped Poles, makes high-level dusting safe, easy and convenient.

Powerful Industrial Vacuum System

Keeping dust particles contained is a critical part of the cleaning process. 

Dry brushing or dusting can disperse fine particles into the air.  Once airborne, dust can drift throughout the location before settling on surfaces over time. The powerful 7166 Litres Per Minute air flow, sucks up and removes these fine dust particles, preventing them becoming airborne. 

  • EXTREMELY POWERFUL: The Internal 78 is ideal for heavy-duty high-access cleaning. With two industrial motors delivering 2600Ws of power and 7166LPM air-flow. 
  • REMOVE DUST AT THE SOURCE: This high-level vacuum efficiently and effectively removes dust at the source, stopping it from becoming airborne and drifting down low-level surfaces. 
  • ACCESS HEIGHTS OF UP TO 12M: Depending on the chosen package, the Internal 78 and supplied poles allow you to reach heights of up to 12M/40ft, all from the safety of the ground.
  • INCLUDES A RANGE OF TOOLS AND ACCESSORIES: This package comes complete with a variety of accessories for internal cleaning including brushes, tool holders and more.

Mobile & Versatile: 

Mounted on a sturdy trolley with lockable wheels, the industrial vacuum is easy to manoeuvre around locations and secure in place.

Safe & cost-effective: 

Maintaining a safe and clean working environment is easier, more convenient, cost-effective and less disruptive with high-access cleaning equipment.  

With no need for costly high-access equipment and with minimal health and safety requirements, cleaning can be carried out on a regular basis.  This is essential for areas with high hygiene standards, such as food preparation areas.

Customisable High Access Cleaning:

Available in a choice of THREE types of suction pole in height packages up to 12M (dependent on pole type).  Supplied with a range of neck angles and end tools, you can tailor your high reach set up to meet the needs of each cleaning challenge.  From air vents, ducting, electrical tracks to through to pipes and wall surfaces, nothing is out of reach. 

NEW Elevate 44MM Clamped Suction Poles:

The new skyVac Elevate Poles are a budget-friendly upgrade for your vacuum. Providing maximum stability and control when carrying out high-level cleaning, the Elevate Poles are quick to assemble and dismantle!

Telescopic Suction Poles:

Our unique skyVac telescopic suction poles allow you to accurately tailor your working height.  Constructed of premium light weight carbon fibre, poles are quick and easy to assemble to height as well as rigid for optimal control at height.  Simply extend the segments to height, and lock in place using the secure clamps. 

The telescopic poles are available in FOUR height packages.  (The 5.5M & 8.5M packages feature a 1.5M suction pole). 

Push Fit Suction Poles: 

To access projects up to 12M / 40ft, the carbon fibre hybrid suction poles come in 1.5m lengths which slot together.  These lightweight poles are available in THREE height packages, of 6M, 9M and 12M.  

Included With Package

SkyVac Internal 78:

  • 1 x Internal 78 Dry Vacuum 
  • 5 x Cloth Filter Bags

Telescopic Suction Pole (Dependent on which packages selected)

  • 1 x Telescopic Vacuum Pole (4M & 7M)
  • Additional 1.5M Carbon Fibre Hybrid Suction Pole (comes with 5.5M & 8.5M kit only) 

Push Fit Suction Pole: 

4-8 Poles (1.5M Length, 44mm diameter)  

NEW Elevate 44mm Clamped Poles:

4-8 Poles (1.5M Length, 44mm diameter)

Included As Standard With All Package Options: 

  • 1 x 65° Carbon Fibre Tool Holder
  • 1 x 155° Carbon Fibre Tool Holder
  • 1 x Soft Round Brush
  • 1 x Large Black Pivot Brush
  • 1 x Small Sidewinder/ Flexi Neck Brush
  • 1 x Large White Straight Brush
  • 1 x Radiator Brush
  • 1 x Small Half Round Vac Brush
  • 1 x Carry Bag for Poles and Accessories

SkyVac® Internal 78:

  • Motor Wattage: 2600Ws
  • Air Flow Movement: 7166LPM
  • Decibel Level: 72 dB
  • Container Capacity: 78 Litres
  • Mains Connection: 240v
  • Power Cable Length: 8M
  • Weight: 36KGs
  • Dimensions: 60L x 64W x 114H cm

Elevate 44mm Clamped Poles:

  • Material: Carbon Fibre Hybrid
  • Diameter: 44 mm
  • Length: 1.5 Metres
  • Weight: 330g

Telescopic Poles: 

4M (13.1ft) Telescopic Suction Pole:
  • Construction: High Modulus Carbon Fibre
  • Collapsed Height:  1M 67cm (5.5Ft) 
  • 2 Collapsible Sections and Two Clamps
  • Diameter: 44mm
  • Weight: 824gms 
7M (23ft) Telescopic Suction Pole:
  • Construction: High Modulus Carbon Fibre
  • Collapsed Height: 1M 75cm (5.75Ft)
  • 4 Collapsible Sections and Clamps 
  • Diameter: 44mm 
  • Weight: 1282gms (1.282kg) 

Push Fit Poles: 

1.5M Suction Pole: (included in the 5.5M / 8.5M package)

  • Construction: Carbon Fibre Hybrid 
  • Diameter: 44mm 
  • Weight: 310gms

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