Janitorial Troleys

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Showing 1 - 37 of 37 products
Alpha Trolley Standard
Lockable Alpha Trolley Complete
Sale price$1,187.16  EX VAT Sale price$1,424.59  INC VAT
Catering Trolley 42x98x88cm Grey
Catering Trolley
Sale price$109.52  EX VAT Sale price$131.42  INC VAT
Folding Waste Cart Replacement Vinyl Bag
205L Folding Waste Cart Vinyl Bag Only
Sale price From $38.00 EX VAT Sale price From $45.60 INC VAT
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Folding Waste Cart With Heavy Duty Bag
Folding Waste Cart & Translucent Vinyl Bag
Sale price$270.05  EX VAT Sale price$324.06  INC VAT
Folding Waste Cart With Blue Vinyl Bag
Folding Waste Cart & Blue Vinyl Bag
Sale price$251.91  EX VAT Sale price$302.29  INC VAT
Jolly Trolley With Vinyl Bag
Jolly Trolley
Sale price$136.91  EX VAT Sale price$164.29  INC VAT
Jolly Trolley Front Wheel
Jolly Trolley Front Wheel 10cm
Sale price$8.78  EX VAT Sale price$10.54  INC VAT
Jolly Trolley Vinyl Bag 60 Litre
60L Jolly Trolley Vinyl Bag
Sale price$15.61  EX VAT Sale price$18.73  INC VAT
Jolly Trolley Rear Wheel
Jolly Trolley Rear Wheel 20cm
Sale price$12.76  EX VAT Sale price$15.31  INC VAT
Multi Purpose Service Cart Replacement Bag 320 Litre
Translucent Bag for Multi Purpose Cart
Sale price$59.85  EX VAT Sale price$71.82  INC VAT
Multi Purpose Service Cart With Heavy Duty Translucent Vinyl Bag
Multipurpose Service Cart & Translucent Bag
Sale price$395.19  EX VAT Sale price$474.23  INC VAT
Pocket Bag For Service/Waste Carts
10 Pocket Caddy Bag
Sale price$26.25  EX VAT Sale price$31.50  INC VAT
Port-A-Cart Trolley Waste Bag Blue
Port-A-Cart Vinyl Waste Bag 100L
Sale price$28.26  EX VAT Sale price$33.91  INC VAT
Port-A-Cart Trolley
Port-A-Cart Trolley with Vinyl Bag
Sale price$324.92  EX VAT Sale price$389.90  INC VAT
Port-A-Cart Trolley Castor Only 76mm
Castors for the Port-A-Cart Cleaners Trolley
Sale price$10.87  EX VAT Sale price$13.04  INC VAT
Morgan Trolley 60 Litre Bag - Blue
60L Plastified Trolley Bag
Sale price$53.44  EX VAT Sale price$64.13  INC VAT
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Rokleen Trolley Maxi
Rokleen Maxi Pre-soaked Trolley
Sale price$878.54  EX VAT Sale price$1,054.25  INC VAT
Rokleen Trolley Midi
Rokleen Midi Pre-soaked Mopping Trolley
Sale price$712.30  EX VAT Sale price$854.76  INC VAT
QR Trolley Kentucky Mopping 25 Litre - Blue
Quick Response Trolley For Kentucky Mopping
Sale price$294.45  EX VAT Sale price$353.34  INC VAT
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QR Trolley Disposble Microfibre Mopping 10 Litre Bucket - Blue
Quick Response Trolley Kit For Pre-Soaked Mopping
Sale price$334.79  EX VAT Sale price$401.75  INC VAT
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QR Trolley Flat Mopping 25 Litre - Blue
Quick Response Trolley For Flat Mopping
Sale price$280.18  EX VAT Sale price$336.22  INC VAT
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QR Socket Mopping Trolley 15 Litre Blue
Quick Response Trolley For Socket Mopping
Sale price$249.32  EX VAT Sale price$299.18  INC VAT
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Cleaner's Caddy Blue
Cleaners Caddy - Box of 25
Sale price$130.88  EX VAT Sale price$157.06  INC VAT
Tote Caddy Standard Grey
Standard Tote Caddy - Box of 6
Sale price$37.46  EX VAT Sale price$44.95  INC VAT
Catering Trolley Heavy Duty
HD Catering Trolley
Sale price$129.03  EX VAT Sale price$154.84  INC VAT
Hamper Trolley AR/2598
Hamper Trolley
Sale price$360.91  EX VAT Sale price$433.09  INC VAT
4" Castor For HD Multi Purpose Cart
Replacement 4" Castor
Sale price$19.11  EX VAT Sale price$22.93  INC VAT
3" Brake Castor for Port-A-Cart Trolley
Brake Castors for the Port-A-Cart Cleaners Trolley
Sale price$15.80  EX VAT Sale price$18.96  INC VAT
Vilcart All Terrain Trolley
Vilcart All-terrain Trolley
Sale price$728.35  EX VAT Sale price$874.02  INC VAT
Jolly Trolley Lock Box
Jolly Trolley Lockable Box
Sale price$78.58  EX VAT Sale price$94.30  INC VAT
Double Laundry Bag Trolley
Double Laundry Trolley Bag
Sale price$364.17  EX VAT Sale price$437.00  INC VAT
Trolley Housekeeping
Trolley Compact All Terrain
Sale price$873.77  EX VAT Sale price$1,048.52  INC VAT
Trolley Housekeeping Large
Large Housekeeping Trolley
Sale price$645.10  EX VAT Sale price$774.12  INC VAT
Housekeeping Trolley Small
Small Housekeeping Cart
Sale price$437.01  EX VAT Sale price$524.41  INC VAT
Folding Trolley
Folding Catering Trolley
Sale price$108.71  EX VAT Sale price$130.45  INC VAT
Laundry Trolley Small Garment Translucent Bag
Small Translucent Garment Laundry Trolley Bag - Box of 10
Sale price$216.43  EX VAT Sale price$259.72  INC VAT
Exel Trolley
Exel Multipurpose Trolley
Sale price$307.98  EX VAT Sale price$369.58  INC VAT

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