Compatible Miele Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter

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Compatible Miele fluff filter for a large range of tumble dryer models. 

Fits a range of Miele tumble dryers. Check full list of models below.

Easy to replace if yours is damaged. 
    Fits Models
    • T7946C, T220, T230C, T7750, T7760C, T4464C, T4804C, T4162, T4262C, T8842C, T233C, T223, T233C, T223, T233C, PT5135C, PT5136, PT5137WP, T8829C, T8827WP, T8826WP, T9747WP, T7950WP, T7952WP, T8627WP, T8827WP, T8837WP, T8927WP, T8939WP, T8967WP, T8997WP, T9767WP, T8827WP, T7950WP, T8000WP, T8001WP, T8626WP, T8627WP, T8826WP, T8827WP, T8847WP, T8926WP, T8927WP, T8929WP, T8937WP, T8939WP, T8947WP, T8957WP, T8966WP, T8967WP, T8968WP, T8969WP, T8976WP, T8978WP, T8986WP, T8987WP, T8989WP, T8997WP, T8999WP, T9747WP, T9749WP, T9767WP, T9769WP, T8813C, T230C, T4222C, T230C, T4222C, T7736, T7746C, T7952WP, T7974, T7984C, T8324, T8325, T8424C, T8425C, T8624C, T8625C LW, T8687C, T8725, T8825C, T9167, T9268C, T9468C, T9546, T9666C, T9767WP, T9769WP, T4205C, T7744C, T8323, T8423C, T9146, T9246C, T7946C, T8422C, T8828C, T8829C, T9647C, T4163, T4167, T4263C, T4267C, T8403C, T7770, T7780C, T7934, T7944C, T8826WP, T8827WP, T8602C, T8603C, T8902C, T8903C, T4353, T4453C, PT5135C, PT5136, PT5137WP, T4464C, T4465C, T4804C, T4805C, T223, T233C, T243, T253C, T220, T223, T7734, T230C, T233C, T7744C, T223, T233C, T223, T233C, T8432C, T7954WP, T7964C, T8969WP, T8970WP, T8303, T8403C, T7934, T7944C, T9747WP, PT5135C, PT5135COS, PT5136, PT5136OS, PT5137WP, PT5138C, PT5139, PT5140WP, PT5141WP, PT7135C, PT7135PLUS, PT7135COS, PT7135PLUS, PT7135PLUS, PT7135PLUS, PT7135PLUS, T230C, T7734, T7744C, T4123, T4223C, T8400C, T7744C, T4163, T4263C, T4263C, T8000WP, T8001WP, T7644C, T7850WP, T1302, T1303, T1312, T1313, T1322C, T1323C, T1329C, T1332C, T1333C, T1339C, T1403, T1413, T233C, T223, T231C, T233C, T243, T251C, T253C, T263, T273C, T4423C, T277C, T233C, T273C, T220, T220, T223, T224, T227, T230C, T230C, T231C, T233C, T233C, T234C, T237C, T238C, T240, T242, T243, T247, T248, T250C, T251C, T252C, T253C, T253C, T257C, T258C, T260, T263, T267, T270C, T273C, T277C, T243, T284, T288, T253C, T294C, T253C, T298C, T4263C, T4163, T4105, T4121, T4122, T4122, T4123, T4124, T4127, T4162, T4163, T4167, T4205C, T4221C, T4222C, T4222C, T4223C, T4224C, T4225C, T4227C, T4262C, T4262C, T4263C, T4267C, T4322, T4323, T4323, T4327, T4351, T4353, T4362, T4363, T4363, T4367, T4368, T4421C, T4421C, T4422C, T4423C, T4423C, T4427C, T4451C, T4452C, T4453C, T4457C, T4461C, T4461C, T4462C, T4463C, T4463C, T4464C, T4465C, T4465C, T4467C, T4468C, T4472C, T4477C, T4523, T4523, T4527, T4563, T4563, T4622C, T4623C, T4623C, T4627C, T4627C, T4652C, T4653C, T4655C, T4657C, T4659C, T4659C, T4659CI, T4662C, T4663C, T4663C, T4667C, T4672C, T4673C, T4673C, T4675C, T4677C, T4804C, T4805C, T4805C, T4809CI, T4819CI, T4839C, T4839C, T4839CI, T4839CI ED, T4859CI ED, T4882C, T4885C, T4885C, T4888C, T4889C, T4891C, T4891C, T4892C, T4897C, T4898C, T263, T273C, T7934, T7934, T7744C, T7946C, T7944C, T7944C, T7634, T7644C, T7734, T7734, T7736, T7744C, T7744C, T7746C, T7748C, T7748C, T7750, T7754, T7760C, T7764C, T7764C, T7770, T7780C, T7850WP, T7950WP, T7934, T7944C, T7946C, T7950WP, T7952WP, T7953WP, T7953WP, T7954WP, T7964C, T7964C, T7974, T7984C, T8323, T8403C, T8423C, T8422C, T8828C, T8829C, T8827WP, T8000WP, T8001WP, T8002, T8003, T8012C, T8013C, T8019C, T8301, T8302, T8303, T8322, T8323, T8324, T8325, T8325, T8333, T8336, T8352, T8363, T8399C, T8400C, T8401C, T8402C, T8403C, T8413C, T8413C, T8422C, T8423C, T8424C, T8425C, T8425C, T8432C, T8433C, T8436C, T8452C LW, T8453C, T8463C, T8523, T8523, T8602C, T8603C, T8603C, T8622C, T8623C LW, T8623C LW, T8624C, T8625C LW, T8626WP, T8627WP, T8627WP, T8633C, T8633C, T8642C LW, T8663C, T8685C, T8685C, T8687C, T8695C, T8702, T8703, T8722, T8723, T8725, T8725, T8741, T8743, T8826WP, T8827WP, T8827WP, T8802C, T8803C, T8813C, T8822C LW, T8823C LW, T8825C, T8825C, T8826WP, T8827WP, T8827WP, T8828C, T8829C, T8835C, T8835C, T8837WP, T8837WP, T8841C, T8842C, T8843C, T8847WP, T8856WP, T8902C, T8903C, T8905C, T8905C, T8923C, T8923C, T8926WP, T8927WP, T8927WP, T8929WP, T8937WP, T8939WP, T8939WP, T8947WP, T8957WP, T8966WP, T8967WP, T8968WP, T8969WP, T8970WP, T8971WP, T8971WP, T8976WP, T8978WP, T8986WP, T8987WP, T8989WP, T8997WP, T8997WP, T8999WP, T8999WP, T9146, T9246C, T9647C, T9747WP, T9146, T9166, T9167, T9246C, T9246C, T9256C, T9266C, T9268C, T9276C, T9446C, T9447C, T9466C, T9466C, T9466C SV, T9466C SV, T9468C, T9476C, T9546, T9646C, T9647C, T9666C, T9747WP, T9749WP, T9767WP, T9767WP, T9769WP, T9772WP, T9772WP, T7850WP, T7850WP, T8001WP, T8000WP, T223, T233C, T230C, T223, T233C, T223, T233C, T7744C, T8843C, T8847WP, T8987WP, T8989WP, T9666C, T9767WP, T9769WP, T7634, T7748C, T7764C, T7953WP, T7964C, T7644C, T7734, T7744C
    • Equivalent to genuine part: 6244611

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