Compatible Miele Tumble Dryer Fluff And Lint Filter

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High quality replacement Miele fluff and lint filter for a large range of tumble dryer models. 

Fits a range of Miele tumble dryers. Check models on the tab below.

Easy to replace if yours is damaged.
    Fits Models

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    • Miele
      111TH ANNIVERSARY T7946C, ACTIVE CARE C T7760C, ALLERDRY T4464C, ALLERDRY T4804C, AURIN 8842 T8842C, DUO STAR PT5135C, ECO T 8000 C T8829C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T7746C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T7984C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T8424C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T8425C, T8623C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T8624C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T8625C ED, EXKLUSIV EDITION T8625C LW, EXKLUSIV EDITION T8687C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T8825C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T9268C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T9468C, EXKLUSIV EDITION T9666C, GALA GRANDE T 7000 C T7744C, GALA GRANDE T 8000 C T8423C, GALA GRANDE T 9000 C T9246C, GALA GRANDE XL T 7000 C T7946C, GALA GRANDE XL T 8000 C T8422C, GALA GRANDE XL T 8000 C T8828C, GALA GRANDE XL T 8000 C T8829C, GALA GRANDE XL T 9000 C T9647C, HOME CARE C T7780C, KLASSIK T8602C, KLASSIK T8603C, KLASSIK T8902C, KLASSIK T8903C, MEDICDRY T4464C, MEDICDRY T4465C, MEDICDRY T4804C, MEDICDRY T4805C, MISTRAL C T7744C, PARAGON SENSOR T8432C, PT5135C, PT5135COS, PT5138C, PT7135C, PT7135COS, PT7135PLUS, SOFTCARE C T7744C, SOFTCARE T8400C, T1322C, T1323C, T1329C, T1332C, T1333C, T1339C, T294C, T298C, T4464C, T4465C, T4659C, T4659CI, T4804C, T4805C, T4809CI, T4839C, T4839CI, T7644C, T7744C, T7746C, T7748C, T7760C, T7764C, T7780C, T7944C, T7946C, T7964C, T7984C, T8012C, T8013C, T8019C, T8400C, T8401C, T8402C, T8403C, T8413C, T8422C, T8423C, T8424C, T8425C, T8428C, T8432C, T8433C, T8436C, T8453C, T8463C, T8602C, T8603C, T8622C, T8624C, T8632C, T8633C, T8643C, T8663C, T8682C, T8685C, T8687C, T8688C, T8695C, T88-25, T8802C, T8803C, T8822C, T8825C, T8828C, T8829C, T8835C, T8841C, T8842C, T8843C, T8902C, T8903C, T8905C, T8923C, T9246C, T9256C, T9266C, T9268C, T9276C, T9446C, T9447C, T9466C, T9468C, T9476C, T9646C, T9647C, T9666C, VARIO PT7135PLUS, WONDER T7744C, XLEVEL T8822C ED, XLEVEL T8843C, XLEVEL T9666C, YOUNG STYLE C T7644C, YOUNG STYLE T7748C, YOUNG STYLE T7764C, YOUNG STYLE T7964C, YOUNG VISION C T7744C

    • Non Genuine Item
    • Equivalent to genuine part: 6162751
    • 300m L
    • 42mm W

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