Compatible Bosch SMI. SMU, SMV Series Dishwasher Aquastop Hose

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Compatible Bosch dishwasher aquastop hose. Fits a range of SMI, SMU and SMV Series model numbers.

    • Non Genuine Bosch Item
    Fits Models

    SBV65E00GB/51, SBV65E00GB/52, SBV65E00GB/55, SBV65E00GB/73, SBV65E00GB/75, SBV65M00GB/01, SBV65M00GB/32, SBV65M00GB/35, SBV65M00GB/38, SBV65M00GB/43, SBV65M00GB/44, SBV65M00GB/51, SBV65M00GB/52, SBV69M10GB/01, SBV69M10GB/13, SBV69M10GB/14, SBV69M10GB/16, SBV69M10GB/18, SBV69M10GB/19, SCE63M05GB/01, SKE63M05GB/01, SMI50C02GB/01, SMI50C02GB/02, SMI50C02GB/03, SMI50C02GB/04, SMI50C02GB/06, SMI50C02GB/07, SMI50C02GB/10, SMI50C02GB/13, SMI50C02GB/14, SMI50C02GB/18, SMI50C02GB/19, SMI50C05GB/01, SMI50C05GB/02, SMI50C05GB/03, SMI50C05GB/04, SMI50C05GB/06, SMI50C05GB/07, SMI50C05GB/10, SMI50C05GB/13, SMI50C05GB/14, SMI50C05GB/18, SMI50C05GB/19, SMI50C06GB/01, SMI50C06GB/02, SMI50C06GB/03, SMI50C06GB/04, SMI50C06GB/06, SMI50C06GB/07, SMI50C06GB/10, SMI50C06GB/13, SMI50C06GB/14, SMI50C06GB/18, SMI50C06GB/19, SMI50M02GB/01, SMI50M02GB/16, SMI50M05GB/01, SMI50M05GB/16, SMI50M05GB/21, SMI50M05GB/26, SMI50M05GB/27, SMI50M05GB/28, SMI50M05GB/34, SMI50M06GB/01, SMI50M06GB/16, SMI53E05GB/44, SMI53E05GB/50, SMI53E05GB/51, SMI53E05GB/52, SMI53E05GB/55, SMI53E05GB/57, SMI53E05GB/73, SMI53E05GB/75, SMI53M05GB/01, SMI53M05GB/16, SMI53M05GB/19, SMI53M15GB/01, SMI53M15GB/32, SMI53M15GB/38, SMI53M15GB/43, SMI53M15GB/44, SMI53M15GB/51, SMI53M15GB/52, SMI69T05EU/01, SMI69T05EU/11, SMI69T05EU/15, SMI69T05EU/18, SMI69T05EU/21, SMI69T05EU/22, SMI69T05EU/23, SMI69T05EU/25, SMI69T05EU/28, SMI69T05GB/01, SMI69T05GB/15, SMI69T05GB/16, SMI69T05GB/18, SMI69T05GB/22, SMI69T05GB/23, SMI69T05GB/28, SMI69T15GB/01, SMI69T15GB/32, SMI69T15GB/43, SMI69T15GB/44, SMI69T15GB/50, SMI69T15GB/51, SMI69T15GB/52, SMI69T15GB/55, SMI69T15GB/57, SMI69T15SK/32, SMI69T15SK/43, SMI69T15SK/44, SMI69T15SK/51, SMI69T15SK/52, SMS50E02EP/01, SMS50E02EP/21, SMS50E02EP/26, SMS50E02EP/28, SMS50E02GB/01, SMS50E02GB/02, SMS50E02GB/04, SMS50E02GB/07, SMS50E02UK/01, SMS50E06GB/01, SMS50E06GB/02, SMS50E06GB/04, SMS50E06GB/07, SMS50E06UK/01, SMS50E08EU/01, SMS50E08EU/02, SMS50E08EU/04, SMS50E08EU/06, SMS50E08EU/07, SMS50E08EU/21, SMS50E08EU/25, SMS50E08EU/28, SMS50E08EU/29, SMS50E08EU/32, SMS50E22AU/01, SMS50E22AU/07, SMS50E22AU/21, SMS50E22AU/25, SMS50E22AU/28, SMS50E22AU/32, SMS50E22AU/43, SMS50E22AU/44, SMS50E22AU/51, SMS53L02GB/01, SMS53L02GB/02, SMS53L02GB/07, SMS53L02GB/11, SMS53L02GB/15, SMS53L02UK/01, SMS53L02UK/11, SMS53L02UK/15, SMS63E02GB/01, SMS63E02GB/02, SMS63E02GB/04, SMS63E02GB/07, SMS63E02UK/01, SMS63E09GB/01, SMS63E09GB/02, SMS63E09GB/04, SMS63E09GB/07, SMS63E09UK/01, SMS65E02GB/01, SMS65E02GB/02, SMS65E02GB/04, SMS65E02GB/07, SMS65E02UK/01, SMS69L02GB/01, SMS69L02GB/02, SMS69L02GB/07, SMS69L02UK/01, SMS69L02UK/11, SMS69L02UK/15, SMS69L02UK/18, SMS69L09GB/01, SMS69L09GB/02, SMS69L09GB/07, SMS69L09UK/01, SMS69L09UK/11, SMS69L09UK/15, SMS69L09UK/18, SMS69L12GB/01, SMS69L12GB/18, SMS69L12GB/21, SMS69L12GB/22, SMS69L12GB/23, SMS69L12GB/25, SMS69L12GB/28, SMS69L12GB/32, SMS69L22GB/01, SMS69L22GB/32, SMS69L22GB/43, SMS69L22GB/44, SMS69L22GB/50, SMS69L22GB/51, SMS69L22GB/52, SMS69L22GB/55, SMS69L22GB/59, SMS69L22GB/73, SMS69L32GB/01, SMS69L32GB/73, SMS69L32GB/75, SMS69T08EU/01, SMS69T08EU/02, SMS69T08EU/07, SMS69T08EU/11, SMS69T08EU/15, SMS69T08EU/21, SMS69T08EU/22, SMS69T08EU/23, SMS69T08EU/25, SMS69T08EU/28, SMS86M12DE/01, SMS86M12DE/02, SMS86M12DE/03, SMS86M12DE/07, SMV40T10GB/01, SMV40T10GB/03, SMV40T10GB/06, SMV40T10GB/07, SMV40T10GB/10, SMV40T10GB/13, SMV40T10GB/14, SMV40T10GB/18, SMV40T10GB/19, SMV50C00GB/01, SMV50C00GB/02, SMV50C00GB/03, SMV50C00GB/04, SMV50C00GB/06, SMV50C00GB/07, SMV50C00GB/08, SMV50C00GB/10, SMV50C00GB/13, SMV50C00GB/14, SMV50C00GB/18, SMV50C00GB/19, SMV50E00GB/01, SMV50E00GB/16, SMV50E00GB/17, SMV50E00GB/20, SMV50E00GB/21, SMV50E00GB/26, SMV50E00GB/27, SMV50E00GB/28, SMV50E00GB/31, SMV50E10EU/01, SMV50E10EU/02, SMV50E10EU/04, SMV50E10EU/17, SMV50E10EU/21, SMV50E10EU/25, SMV50E10EU/28, SMV50E10EU/29, SMV50E10EU/31, SMV50E10EU/32, SMV50E10EU/35, SMV53A00GB/01, SMV53A00GB/02, SMV53A00GB/03, SMV53A00GB/04, SMV53A00GB/06, SMV53A00GB/07, SMV53A00GB/10, SMV53A00GB/13, SMV53A00GB/14, SMV53A00GB/18, SMV53A00GB/19, SMV53M00GB/01, SMV53M00GB/13, SMV53M00GB/16, SMV53M00GB/20, SMV53M00GB/21, SMV53M00GB/26, SMV53M00GB/28, SMV59T10EU/25, SMV59T10EU/28, SMV59T10EU/32, SMV59T10EU/43, SMV59T10EU/44, SMV59T10EU/51, SMV59T10EU/52, SMV63M00GB/01, SMV63M00GB/14, SMV63M00GB/16, SMV63M00GB/19, SMV63M00GB/21, SMV63M00GB/26, SMV63M00GB/27, SMV63M00GB/28, SMV65E00GB/01, SMV65E00GB/44, SMV65E00GB/50, SMV65E00GB/51, SMV65E00GB/55, SMV65E00GB/57, SMV65E00GB/73, SMV65E00GB/75, SMV65M00GB/01, SMV65M00GB/32, SMV65M00GB/35, SMV65M00GB/38, SMV65M00GB/43, SMV65M00GB/44, SMV65M00GB/51, SMV65M00GB/52, SMV69T10GB/01, SMV69T10GB/11, SMV69T10GB/15, SMV69T10GB/16, SMV69T10GB/18, SMV69T10GB/23, SMV69T10GB/25, SMV69T10GB/26, SMV69T10GB/27, SMV69T10GB/28, SMV69T20GB/01, SMV69T20GB/32, SMV69T20GB/40, SMV69T20GB/43, SMV69T20GB/44, SMV69T20GB/50, SMV69T20GB/51, SMV69T20GB/52, SMV69T20GB/55, SMV69T20GB/57, SMV69T20GB/59, SMV69T30GB/01, SMV69T30GB/44, SMV69T30GB/73, SMV69T30GB/75, SMV69T40EU/25, SMV69T40EU/28, SMV69T40EU/32, SMV69T40EU/43, SMV69T40EU/44, SPS40C12GB/01, SPS40C12GB/06, SPS40C12GB/07, SPS40C12GB/08, SPS40C12GB/09, SPS40C12GB/14, SPS53E12GB/01, SPS53E12GB/05, SPS53E12GB/06, SPS53E12GB/07, SPS53E12GB/09, SPS53E12GB/14, SPS53E18GB/01, SPS53E18GB/05, SPS53E18GB/06, SPS53E18GB/07, SPS53E18GB/09, SPS53E18GB/14, SPS58M38EU/01, SPS58M38EU/05, SPS58M38EU/06, SPS58M38EU/07, SPS58M38EU/09, SPS59L12GB/01, SPS59L12GB/05, SPS59L12GB/06, SPS59L12GB/07, SPS59L12GB/09, SPS59L12GB/14, SPV40C00GB/01, SPV40C00GB/05, SPV40C00GB/06, SPV40C00GB/07, SPV40C00GB/08, SPV40C00GB/09, SPV40C00GB/11, SPV40C00GB/14, SPV68L00GB/01, SPV68L00GB/05, SPV68L00GB/06, SPV68L00GB/07, SPV68L00GB/09, SPV68L00GB/11, SPV68L00GB/14


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      Delivery Charges To Europe

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        Items returned through no fault of Spare and Square will be subject to a 20% processing fee (non negotiable), and the cost of postage incurred by Spare and Square will also be deducted from any refund amount.
        (Cost of return = 20% of items full retail price plus postage costs incurred by Spare and Square)

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